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Is it reasonable to believe I have a hidden hernia?


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  • Is it reasonable to believe I have a hidden hernia?

    I am suspecting I may have a hidden hernia.

    In May, I began to have upper right quadrant discomfort and I consulted my general practitioner.
    She ordered tests: Blood Tests = normal
    Ultrasound = Report was for a Complete Abdominal Ultrasound: US Abdomen Complete
    This was normal.

    In July, I noticed that the discomfort/pain was concentrating more in my lower right quadrant, the area to the right of my belly button down towards my groin. My groin area feels started out feeling slightly pulled, but I now feel it more.

    I consulted my gynecologist.
    She ordered a transabdominal and transvaginal pelvic ultrasound.
    Findings: No pelvic masses, No free fluid in the pelvis however ovaries not identified

    My gynecologist also referred me to another general practitioner. I asked him about the possibility of a hernia. He did not believe I had a hernia.

    In August, I went back to my 1st GP and asked about an occult hernia.
    She examined me, but did not give me an opinion about a possible hernia.
    She suggested that I start pelvic floor therapy. Does pelvic floor therapy help a hidden hernia?
    Prior to the appointment I read that MRIs are the most reliable for a hidden hernia diagnosis. She was reluctant to order one.

    Also in August my right leg began to feel odd. This came on slowly and became worse.

    On September 5th I consulted a Gastroenterologist.
    During my consultation he did not give me a reason for my pain/discomfort.
    He did comment that the obscured right ovary was not a problem and that I did not have colon cancer.
    He scheduled me for a colonoscopy. I asked him about the possibility that I might have a hernia. He examined my abdomen while telling me to bear down.
    He commented that he might have felt something.

    I have continued to read more about hernia on the Hernia Talk website and in articles that reference Dr.Towfigh.

    Is it reasonable to believe I have a hernia?
    Since i am having problems with my leg could it be something else?

    I would like to have more testing, but I would like to find a doctor who will order the correct test.
    Could someone please suggest a doctor who is knowledgeable about hidden hernias in Tampa, Florida or within the state?

    I have read about dynamic testing with valsalva maneuvers.

    Should I ask for a dynamic ultrasound with valsalva or should I press for the dynamic MRI with valsalva?
    Also I am wondering if my other ultrasounds would be useful if a radiologist would look at them again for hernia.

    As of now, during the day, the discomfort does not go away. While I am sitting for longer periods of time I notice the discomfort more.
    I have not noticed any other movements that provoke the pain in an intense way. Sometimes I also feel discomfort in my waist.
    I would describe my pain as burning and gnawing. And sometimes I will feel a pinch. My groin feels like it is pulled, but it is not painful.
    My right leg feels different. It feels heavy. It does not feel numb or tingly.
    I am able to sleep. Lying down I feel somewhat better.

    I am 5'”2“" 105 lbs 60 years of age
    My bowel habit changed about 2 years ago to Bristol Stool Chart Type 1.
    I have had a chronic cough for 4 years. I do not feel more pain when I cough.
    I am active and do heavy lifting with some of my hobbies.

    Thank you for your help.
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    Thank you for your post. By the way you wrote it, it seems you have done a lot of your homework. Also, it seems much of the information you researched on HerniaTalk was helpful. I am glad.

    Yes, your symptoms warrant a more in-depth look into whether an occult inguinal hernia may be the cause of your pain. I am interested that your gastroenterologist may have actually felt a hernia. Were you examined lying on the table or standing?

    None of the ultrasound images you mentioned would look for a hernia unless hernia was actually mentioned as something to look for. A "hernia ultrasound" needs to be ordered specifically. That technique has you do many maneuvers and beardowns and there are specific to look at the abdominal wall itself, not deeper.

    If your doctor was able to palpate a hernia, maybe, then a dynamic "hernia ultrasound" done by a talented technician or radiologist will give you the answer. If it is "normal" or there is no hernia, then I would consider following up with an MRI. The false negative rate for an ultrasound in the setting of an occult inguinal hernia can be as high as 50%.

    Search for Florida in HerniaTalk and you may find some names of surgeons. Those who I know and respect as hernia specialists include:

    - Dr. Eduardo Parra-Davila, MD, in Celebration
    - Dr. Jerrold Young, in Miami
    - Dr. David Edelman, in Miami
    - Dr. Jonathan Yunis, in Sarasota

    You can also search here for others near you:

    The nearest surgeon to you who has a special interest in women's hernias is Dr. Sharon Bachman in Virginia.

    Best of luck.


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      Dear Dr. Towfigh,

      Thank you for responding to my post.

      My gastroenterologist examined me while I was lying down on the table.

      I have an appointment with a GP tomorrow.
      Is there a specific protocol I should ask for during the physical examination?
      I will also ask her if she would order a dynamic hernia ultrasound.

      Thank you again for your advice. It is most appreciated.


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        Hi there,
        Checking into see if you had any luck with a diagnosis.


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