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    About 1 in 5 surgeons are older than 65, and I will join that group next year. Do the surgeons with gray hair do as good of job as the young surgeons?
    That is often in my mind. Am I doing the best I can for my patients?
    I recently read the following article.
    It reports that older surgeons have the best results.
    Hail. Old and cunning.
    Bill Brown MD

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    Dr Brown,
    Thank you for joining the forum!
    The reseach you shared was both informative and interesting. The New York Times recently published an article on older surgeons and this research would have been a good addition to the article.


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      Older surgeons have more experience so I do not see any negative. Same applies to many other industiries too.

      Dr Brown I hope you have no plan to retire because you are a valuable asset to the medical community. Take plenty of vacation time for yourself, but please don't retire any time soon, ha ha! Sorry to sound selfish but I said the same thing to my primary care when they told me they were retiring a few years ago, ha ha.

      And as for all of us as we age as long as we stay inquisitive, keep learning, stay healthy as we can then age is nothing but a number.


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