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No mesh surgeon recommendation in Tucson? Albuquerque?


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  • No mesh surgeon recommendation in Tucson? Albuquerque?

    Hi, I have to have inguinal surgery--female. Hernia has gotten quite large. Do not want mesh am going to have to travel because no one here (Central Illinois) will do no mesh. I am researching places where I have a place to stay to recuperate. Is there a recommended surgeon in Tucson or Albuquerque?

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    There were some posts recently about a surgeon in Scottsdale. You would probably be better off to choose the best surgeon for your problem, and to stay in a hotel or BnB after traveling for the surgery, even paying to have a friend or relative stay with you. Pick the best surgeon, I would say, and arrange around them. I tried to compromise for convenience and to stay in my insurance plan when I had my hernia repair and it was a big mistake. I should have done what my research told me was the best surgery option for me, not tried to put a whole project together. The surgeon and the surgery is the most important part.

    Here are the links about the Scottsdale surgeon, if you just have to go to that region to get it done. Post #5 is a copy from some correspondence that dog had with Dr. Repta.


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      There is also Dr. Petersen in Las Vegas. He is known more for mesh removal but he also does hernia repair, among other procedures. His group can put together a whole travel and stay package. He does non-mesh repair.

      I'm not sure but I think that Dr. Brown's group can also help with travel and boarding. dog just had his hernia repaired by Dr. Brown. Search for dog's posts and you will find a lot about Dr. Brown.

      And, of course, Dr. Towfigh's practice might also have advice for a short stay. Ironically, because she is the administrator of the site, we don't talk much about what happens there. drtowfigh

      Good luck. Put the time, effort, and money in to it as if you wanted it to last for 50 years.


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        Dear Dill.
        Mesh did not become popular until the late 1980's. Try to find a local surgeon who is about 60 years old, he/she would have trained before mesh was available and he/she should be able to offer you a non-mesh hernia repair.
        Bill Brown MD


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          If I'm not mistaken I believe Dr. Paul Szotek in Indianapolis, Indiana practices in "non mesh" repairs. Alot closer to home than Tuscon.


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