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Redesigning hernia mesh with the patient and outcomes in mind


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  • Redesigning hernia mesh with the patient and outcomes in mind

    Imagine redesigning hernia mesh with the patient in mind.

    Some of the following features might be considered desirable for such a theoretical hernia mesh:

    - Inert material

    - Easy to remove if necessary

    - Does not stiffen or harden

    - Does not adhere to nerves

    - Does not degrade

    - Does not migrate

    - Easily visible on all routine imaging studies

    - No risk of holding an infection

    That's probably somewhat of a challenge to create this theoretical product, but let's keep in mind that our species has sent fellow humans to the moon, so one might think making a more biocompatible medical product with minimal complications for a common surgery is within the realm of human ingenuity.

    Is anyone working on this? I hope so, but from the outside looking in the manufacturers seem to be a curiously stagnant industry.

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    I think that is the only product can be approved for mesh repair....Until there ..must be mandatory no mesh surgery..mandatory lose weight if necessary to perform the surgery..I think it is good idea to start a petition?


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      I know somebody that works in venture capital and they said that all of the device makers are waiting to see where the litigation ends up. Their research budgets are small, they'll just make the money that they can while they can.


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