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Second question for dr. Brown


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  • Second question for dr. Brown

    Hi. Me again. Quick question about your surgery with Dof who has posted his her is repair experience with you.
    it was noted by Dog and you that not only did he have a direct hernia but you said there was weakeness in the direct space.
    Can you talk a little about what surgeons mesh when they use the term weakeness in regards to hernias and hernia repair. When o had my first hernia repair (direct and indirect ) my implanting (mesh) surgeon noted there was weakeness with fat.
    However, when I had my mesh removed my explanating surgeon noted that although there was no hernias upon removal (laparoscopic removal) there was some weakeness in the indirect space and weakeness in the femoral area
    it seems you mentioned that dog didn’t have a direct hernia but weakeness which you repaired.
    can you talk a little bit about the term “weakeness” and how did you repair the weakness in the direct space if there was no actual hernia present?
    Did you repair the indirect hernia and in that repair reinforce the direct space (ie with a shouldice or desarda repair which reinforces both area direct and indirect as I understand it ) or did you do two separate repairs? Thanks in advance.

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    Dr,Brown, please feel free to disclose your secrets:}


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