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Chronic pain for 3yrs - could it be a hernia?


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  • Chronic pain for 3yrs - could it be a hernia?


    Iíve been experiencing chronic lower abdominal and pelvic pain for the past 3yrs. Sharp pains in the groin near one section of my c-section scar which I can recreate when straining to urinate and with some movements (twisting especially). I also experience point tenderness directly above where the sharp pains are - up to a height thatís in line with my belly button (but over to the left). I also feel nerve pain in this lower abdomen area, burning mostly and it feels closer to the surface of the skin than deep inside my tummy.

    I can also recreate these pains with stretching my body out in bed (the pain wakes me up if I stretch without realising) but I do not get these pains with coughing, laughing or lifting - I do however, get them with bending - especially the point tenderness in my lower abdomen. Prolonged sitting is difficult for me and pain is usually worse in the evening. Lying down brings almost instant relief.

    i have no bulges that I can palpate (I am overweight though). I also have a very sharp pain when I press on my pubic tubercle on the same side (the bony bit?) and also shooting pain into my thigh on the same side.

    i have been to my GP so many times and as I also suffer from IBS-D, everything is blamed on this or adhesions (I have never been formally diagnosed with adhesions, they are simply presumed as a possibility).

    Can an inguinal hernia present with point tenderness reaching as high up as the belly button? I should say that I first came across a hernia as a possible cause when I read Dr. Towfighís fantastic article on pelvicpainrehab and realised that one of my first symptoms was tenderness when I leant against the bathroom basin to brush my teeth!

    Itís exhausting trying to get my GP to take me seriously (because according to him: ďwomen donít get hernias and if they do, they donít cause abdominal painĒ) so Iíd be so grateful for any advice as to whether it sounds like Iím barking up the wrong tree or should be pushing harder for a possible hernia investigation.

    Thank you so much for reading.
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    Hello Charlotte. Dr. Towfigh will know best, of course, but it seems like you need to see a hernia specialist. Some insurance plans allow you to see certain specialists without a referral, you should check. If yours does not then changing GP's would be a good idea. Yours seems shockingly ignorant. Post your general location and somebody might recommend a good hernia specialist.

    Good luck. You can notify people using the @ symbol. drtowfigh


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      Sounds like you need a second opinion.


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        Good intentionsdrtowfigh Thank you both very much. Iím in the UK.

        I have seen two different GPS, both unfortunately are of the same opinion re: hernia with the lower abdominal point tenderness being the sticking point where they seem to shut down to the possibility of it being a hernia - or at least, it appears to cement their confidence. Hence my question about whether point tenderness could ever reach as high as the belly button?

        I have one more GP I can try before having to go privately which I am willing to do so any recommendations in my area would be gratefully welcomed.
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          You need to see surgeons. There are a lot of good ones for hernia in the UK.


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