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Guidance for Recurrent Hernia


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  • Guidance for Recurrent Hernia

    Thanks, everyone! I appreciated the feedback.
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    I would get myself in shape with diet and supplements to be a good fit for no mesh repair,,myself i was on KETO diet { if you need it of course} I also used MSM and Collagen and vit C as Dr.Brown recommended.. as i go via that process i would pick doctor with specialty in no mesh repair if that will be your choice ! ...Myself i was out of picking methods..I was picking doctor who knows them all..and can combine them sometimes!!! or modified!!! We talk about it here all the time .Just a humble suggestion only.
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      How long ago was the repair, and how soon after did the recurrence happen? And is it a true recurrence or just another, different type of hernia. The mesh shrinks and pulls on surrounding tissue. You might have had a direct hernia and now have indirect hernias.

      I'm not sure that we, the patients, should be deciding which new meshes are good for hernia repair. When the synthetic materials were introduced they had great marketing literature also. I created a Topic a short while ago about an Ovitex mesh device, showing that it was released to market based on a single "trial" of 31 patients, by a single surgeon. No peer review, no official clinical trial, just anecdotes from a surgeon who tried it. It is essentially unproven, long-term. No data. It's just the way the medical device field is these days, and it's how most of today's products ended up on the market.

      DrBrown has probably seen cases like yours and fixed them via a suture-based repair.



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        whenever I see the Bard 3D maxx mesh mentioned-I feel I should chime in. The 3 D maxx is concave in design and has a tendency to fold over on itself. This happened to me and the mesh continued to ball up into a rock hard. All CT scans and MRIís were read as normal by radiologists and surgeons

        Eventuallg severe pain settled in 5 years after implantation and again all tests and scans came back normal.

        After finally coming across some mesh forums


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          I found dr. Igor Beyanksi in Annapolis MD. He looked at the same cat scan that many read as normal and saw the mesh had bent and shifted. I had surgery to remove the mesh and it was found that the mesh was way worse-balled up and rock hard. I have come across a lot of people who had there mesh removed who had bard 3D maxx and the mesh was again found to be folded over or clamshelled on itself.

          I bring this up becomes I wonder if this is what may have happened with you and this that is how the recurrence happened.

          So so it may be best to do your best to rule out that the mesh has maybe folded over. I only say this because you may not want to leave a defective piece of mesh inside of you (if this is indeed what happened ) as although it isnít causing any problems now it can possibly cause problems down the line.
          Dr. Belynaksi specializes in reading cat scans and although it can be challenging even for him to see on scans if the mesh has folded over (for me I think bc mine turned out to be severely balled up it was easier to see on the scan) others he said the scan looked fine even though after removing other peoples 3D maxx it was found to be folded over during surgery .

          you can google 3D maxx and see some of the design flaws and issues with it.

          it may be worth a consult with dr. Belyanski to help figure out why the recurrence occurred and whether it be beneficial to remove the mesh and either put a replacement mesh in, leave the mesh in and just fix the hernia openly without mesh, or leave the mesh in and repair openly without mesh.

          Dr. Belyankski is one of the top hernia specialists in the country


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