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Specialist in Iowa to diagnose occult hernia?


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  • Specialist in Iowa to diagnose occult hernia?

    I'm a 29 year old woman, and I've had intermittent abdominal/groin pain for about the last nine months. One doctor told me it was probably ovarian cysts and another told me the pain is normal ovulation pain, but that doesn't feel right (for example, the pain has no relation to my cycle). I found two news articles online about hernias in women, and the descriptions really sound like my symptoms. I also had a surgical inguinal hernia repair as an infant. My doctor referred me to a surgeon, who I saw today. He said he didn't feel a hernia and I should consider seeing a pain specialist, but said I could set up a CT scan to confirm. I've seen Dr. Towfigh's article showing that CTs are not the best diagnostic tool, but I'm not sure where to go from here.

    Should I do a CT scan anyway? Is it worth it to try to see a different surgeon? Does anyone know of a surgeon in Iowa (I'm in central Iowa) who is familiar with hernias in women?

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    Most surgeons are not specialists in women’s hernias and that is why they are often under diagnosed and we have worse outcomes than men.

    In Iowa, consider dr Matt Morgan in Pella. I don’t know if any others.


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