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2 months post op


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  • 2 months post op

    drtowfigh originally diagnosed me With bilateral inguinal hernias.

    I had a laparoscopy repair with polygrip mesh for a right sided painful inguinal hernia (fat containing). Said they didn't find any others. They did find endometriosis, but didn't remove anything. Everything else looked normal.
    I was in A LOT of pain after waking up and the 1st week / also very very swollen.

    It's now been 2 months and I'm still having pain where the hernia was repaired & into the same side groin and that same leg/thigh.

    Pain where the hernia was Can be dull, cramping, or very sharp like when you pour peroxide on a cut.
    Happens when I'm walking (whick is all I've managed to do) or just sitting around inactive. I also still have the same back and forth dull cramp pain on the opposite/left side.

    I've been to my surgeon who said everything feels normal and to give it more time / there's still inflammation and swollen lymph node there.
    And I can have imaging done in a couple more months, as anything I do now will only show the inflammation.

    I know everyone heals differently, can this be normal / will likely go away in time drtowfigh?

    And, I would like to try to regain strength as I haven't been able to do anything besides walk in almost a year, lost all my core muscle.

    I've been to a PT, who thinks my leg pain is nerve related... And the small excercises don't seem to help much.
    ​​​​​​​What are safe / gentle but good excercises to do for core while still having pain?
    I googled (whick is never a good thing) and have gotten mixed info on planks being safe or not, etc. Swimming???

    Thank you drtowfigh.

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    Hi Mariel,

    I am sorry to hear of your pain. Generally speaking, it takes about 6-12 months to fully heal from any major surgery, so at two months things are still pretty "new" in terms of what you're feeling and should improve with time. That being said, you may be experiencing some nerve pain if it feels like a shooting or burning pain going down your leg or in your groin. For any swelling and inflammation you can try taking an nsaid like naproxen, which may help. Another thing I have found helpful is icing the sore areas or even taking an ice bath. In terms of strengthening the muscles I would recommend anything low impact like walking or swimming, planks should be ok but I would double check with your surgeon. I believe Dr Towfigh said on this forum abdominal exercises were ok. Anyway if your pain is severe do not be afraid to go back to your surgeon or get a second opinion. There are alternatives to painkillers such as gabapentin which may be useful for nerve pain, but you will have to check with your doctor first.

    Good luck on your journey to recovery.



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      I'm still having consistent sharp cramping randomly throughout the days where the hernia was and also groin pain down through the area of the mesh strip

      The sharp pain feels like a sting- similar to when you blow on or pour peroxide on a wound.
      Happens at anytime/ doesn't seem to be triggered by activity.... Can be just lying in bed, as soon as I wake up and walk through house, or sometimes with activity.

      Also still have a rigid slight swelling where hernia was that shape looks almost exactly like pre Surgery.
      When I feel the area, feels as if i can feel the lines of mesh?
      Pelvis has remained with distension since after surgery and also bloating.
      ​​​​​​​And still similar crampy pain on opposite side (though surgeon said he did not find Bilateral hernias)
      drtowfigh any insights on what can be causing this pain to still not decrease over 11 weeks still (surgery was on May 20th) ??

      Thank you!


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        I've had several hernia surgeries in the last 3 years, some successful and some not. It is normal to still feel pain at 2 months but it should be decreasing. If you had a successful surgery you should be able to notice significantly less pain say every week or two weeks (not day to day). If your pain, on the other hand, is increasing or staying the same then that would be cause for concern.

        When my mesh surgery went wrong I knew within 4 months that this was not normal, not right.


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          I know that it is hard, but be patient with your recovery.
          Give your body more time. It is common to have pain for around 6 months.
          Bill Brown MD


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            On top of the cramping and also sharp pain where hernia was/mesh is, there's also rigid kinda stiff swelling.
            also nerve like pain down leg.

            Tenderness when surgeon or PT tries pressing into the area. And he says still inflammation and a swollen lymph node in area when he examined. And said to wait.

            I know it's still fairly early at 2.5 months... But hard to believe pain not decreasing at all and inflammation is normal. Hopefully I'm wrong and it gets better.
            This is the swelling when i lie flat...


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              Originally posted by Mariel View Post
              drtowfigh originally diagnosed me With bilateral inguinal hernias.

              I had a laparoscopy repair with polygrip mesh for a right sided painful inguinal hernia (fat containing). Said they didn't find any others.
              It might help to get your surgery notes. Surgeons have leeway to try many different things, like the patient who got Parietene mesh for an inguinal hernia repair, even though it's not indicated for inguinal hernia repair. And some of them don't have faith in the advice to avoid fixation and will fixate anyway. Plus they might have done other things besides just place the mesh.

              I think that you probably meant Progrip, not polygrip. The notes will have the details. Good luck.


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                Mariel notifying...


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                  Good intentions what does it mean to fixate? I haven't heard about that before.


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                    DrBrown is this type of consistent pain in the hernia/down mesh placement / abdomen that hasn't decreased in these 3 months since surgery normal?? - can be sharp, like when you pour peroxide on a wound, or crampy waves / dull or sharp cramps.

                    Also, consistent cramp like / sore muscle, nerve like pain down that same side leg (varies from behind thigh, behind calf, front of thigh/hip) that can start about 5-10 min into walking.... Or just standing around. Also bloating every evening when without food.. and the stuff swelling as shown in picture above.

                    and pain on opposite side/ but no bilateral hernia was found in surgery...

                    I had my repair done by a specialist, but would like to know if something went wrong after? Or this can go away with time? I really hope I don't need surgery/ or have permanent mesh/nerve pain.... what to do to find out/ treat?


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                      Originally posted by Dill View Post
                      Good intentions what does it mean to fixate? I haven't heard about that before.
                      Hello Dill. Fixation is the attachment pf the mesh to the tissue, either the fascia or ligaments. Tacks, sutures, or fibrin glue are often used, I believe. For many years chronic pain was blamed on improper fixation.


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                        It often takes a long time to heal after hernia repair.
                        I would advise you to return to your surgeon.
                        If the pain is related to a nerve, then a nerve block can be very helpful.
                        If the pain is related to the mesh, the mesh can be injected with steroids.
                        You can be checked to be sure that the hernia has not recurred.
                        Bill Brown MD


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                          DrBrown Thank you. Yes, I've been back to the surgeon about a month ago and he just said to wait / I can have imaging later (said imaging I do now will only show inflammation?) .

                          Is waiting necessary/Or can I go ahead and see what's happening with the repair? MRI?


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                            After surgery, your pain should slowly decrease and you should slowly get your function back.
                            If your surgeon is satisfied with your healing, then waiting is reasonable.
                            Compressions shorts are sometimes helpful
                            Injecting the mesh with marcaine and steroids will often help.
                            And nerve blocks will often help.
                            Do not hesitate to keep asking your surgeon questions. It is his/her responsibility to help you through the post operative recovery.
                            Bill Brown MD


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                              DrBrown thanks. What in your experience is considered "normal pain" after laparoscopy/mesh?

                              I am having the exact pains for these past 3 months since repair. Had not diminished really. My hernia was also very painful before the repair, but also pretty small in size (no one could see it in any imaging, except drtowfigh).

                              The pain happens at random times throughout the day, doing activity or no activity. I've only been able to walk or stretch , and just walking can trigger sharp jolts of pain, as well as literally just standing or sitting at home. Pain feels like the mesh is slicing into my skin or nerves basically. Can also fell dull, or like bad cramping. The pain area is where the inguinal hernia was, up alsoa bit from it like just above hip bone/waist, and down in the groin.

                              The little bumps that were present before the repair are still there, and also now feels harder/rigid like I can feel the mesh?
                              As well as leg pain down throughout that same leg.

                              ​​​​​​And bloating every day. I hate to be negative, but it really feels like something isn't right/ went wrong with repair. I hope not, but hard to not think so.

                              The surgeon isn't exactly taking the concerns seriously yet, and just said it could be something else- and to wait a couple more months... butI know what I'm feeling is surgery/hernia/mesh/nerve related.
                              ​​​​​​​Is this a normal part of recovery in smaller women? Could it be bad body response, or problem to the repair/mesh?

                              MRI is the best way to see what's going on, correct?


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