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4 Weeks Post-Inguinal Hernia Repair-- New Onset Testicular Pain


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  • 4 Weeks Post-Inguinal Hernia Repair-- New Onset Testicular Pain

    Hey all,

    4 weeks ago, I had a robotic-assist inguinal hernia repair on my left side with mesh. For the first two weeks, my pain followed the standard trajectory of improvement. However, one day, I began experiencing left-sided testicular pressure and pain again reminiscent of the pain I experienced prior to my repair. The pain is transient. It usually gets worse when I'm active or sit for too long. I met with my surgeon for my follow-up, and he explained his implantation approach lends itself to a strong repair, and that the potential for chronic pain is always there.

    Could this be a recurrence? I really have no pain except for the mesh when I over-exert myself, and the testicular pain resolves after sleeping. From what I've read, it sounds like it may just be the chronic pain associated with mesh healing, but I also figured that hearing everyone's experiences/takes here would be worthwhile.

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    It seems early to be worried about a recurrence. Since your pain seems to be associated with certain things, like sitting too long and too much activity, you should try to avoid those things if possible. You are still early in your recovery and donít want to jeopardize your repair and chance for a full recovery. Be kind to your body and take it easy for a while longer. It has been my experience that recovery is different for everyone and every procedure and you need to listen to your body. This is just my opinion from my experience with multiple hernia surgeries. It is always good to check with your surgeon if you suspect a problem, as well. Best wishes for a full recovery!


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      Be patient with your body.
      Pain is common.
      Most likely the pain will resolve with time.
      Keep in contact with your surgeon.
      Bill Brown MD


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