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Ongoing tiredness after surgery


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  • Ongoing tiredness after surgery

    I am a little over 2 weeks post-op with a no-mesh open inguinal repair. Everything seems fine--a little stinging near the surgery sight and that's it. I have to remind myself not to lift things and I'm driving the two miles to work rather than biking and missing the gym. So I'm way less active. I'm also extremely tired after work. So tired I take an unwanted nap. I work with teenagers and it's the beginning of a school year so I was thinking the tiredness might be emotional--didn't even think about it being related to the surgery but has anyone else had this? And if so, when did it go away. It's a serious fatigue.

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    Dear Dill.
    Remember that some of your calories are going to heal the hernia.
    Usually at three weeks is when most patients are feeling almost normal.
    Give your body another week,
    If you still feel tired, check with your PCP to be sure that you are not anemic or hypothyroid.
    Do not hesitate to call your surgeon.


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      DrBrown Thank you. Yes. I actually (3 weeks tomorrow) feel more pain this week than I have and a stinging in the upper thigh. I am going to contact the surgeon but I think it's still early in the healing process and I've had such little pain so far--I'm more worried about the extreme fatigue. I've heard other people mention the stinging in upper thigh after inguinal surgery--why is that--nerve endings? Seems a little away from the hernia itself.


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