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  • General Sorness

    So, I'm 3 months post-op from bi-lateral inguinal laproscopic repair with mesh and also an umbical hernia repair. Took about 2 months to start feeling looser and doing more activities like yard work, etc.

    During the work week when just going to/from work, I feel pretty good. Then comes the weekend where I am doing yard work, and just more active in general. Towards the end of the day I have general soreness in the groin area. Nothing sharp or debilitating, just kind of sore.

    From what I've seen, I am not sure if this type of soreness is something that would qualify for pain management like injections, or mesh removal. Those treatments seem more for people with serious pain, which I don't have.

    Any suggestions to speed up the recovery process so that I can get past this soreness? Seems like I'm stuck at this point in my recovery. Not terrible, but not 100%.

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    I had left side inguinal laparoscopic TEP with mesh about 16 months ago. I had similar soreness at about the three month point. As I recall it slowly got better but even at the 16 month point I can have some general soreness but now its only if I work real hard like load a few truckloads of wood or something like that.


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      Cool. Thanks for the reply.


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        Soreness may be normal. These recover. Mostly itís related to the dissection in the area, swelling or small amount of bleeding in the area, and/or the mesh in that space. Depending on the patient, technique, and type of mesh, there may be a foreign body sensation of stiffness. There may also be abnormality, such as folding of the mesh.

        If after 3 months soreness is not gone or if the pain is severe, then imaging (MRI for groin) is the next step to help solve this puzzle.


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          Thanks so much. Seeing the surgeon on Monday. Will request the imaging. My right side never gave me problems, only the left. Now both are sore. I was feeling pretty good last weekend so finally got to doing some yard work, itís required balancing a little on a ladder and bending to rake up leaves, etc. and all this week has been sore. On a scale of 1 to 10, Iíd say 4. I am really lost and just donít know what is normal and what is abnormal at this point. Thanks for helping to administer this forum. Itís a great resource


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