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Met Dr Brown today!!!!!


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  • Met Dr Brown today!!!!!

    Was a long day friends. Had a fellow veteran from the American legion drive me from Redding to Fremont. We left at 5am and arrived a little after 9. After that long a ride my body was screaming and I was doubled over my cane trying my best to get with it and focus.

    In comes Doc Brown and man he didn't waste time. He looked at my records, took my history and gave me a physical where he actual listened to what I said and didn't dismiss or write me off as nuts! Maybe crazy yeah but who wouldn't be crazy after living with this mesh in them for 15 years and getting brushed aside by doctors at the VA?

    He told me how surgery would go, what complications could arise and gave me his opinion on what I should do. He didn't need to do as I'm ready to get this alien thing out of me once and for all!

    Next month before Turkey day I will finally be free of this and I feel I am in the best most capable hands I could be in and for the first time in 15 years I feel like I have a doctor I can trust who is actually looking out for me and wants to see me become as well as I can.

    Let's do this Doctor B! Thank you for giving me hope again!
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    that's awesome! seems you're in great hands. hopefully this is completely life changing. good luck!


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      I'm pulling for ya. That's great news. Best wishes.


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        Wishing you the best. Never give up!


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