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Hernia area pain a year after surgery - concerned


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  • Hernia area pain a year after surgery - concerned

    Hello All

    Just signed up to this forum. I had Inguilar hernia surgery here in England in October of 2018. It took a while to heal and be pain free but generally has not been causing any discomfort and I have been able to get back to normal activities, running etc for the last 9 months.

    Just this last week seemingly out of the blue I have been getting burning pain and sharp pain in the site of the surgery. I am getting concerned (perhaps just paranoid) that a) the mesh may have moved or b) the hernia has re-herniated. It was a very subtle hernia that once not able to felt originally so it is not easy for me to tell (i.e to feel a lump to confirm either way).

    I guess I am posting to find out if sudden pain a long time after can be normal and not a sign of re-hernation or if it is likely a cause for concern of something from the surgery having gone wrong. Any advice or re-assurance much appreciated.

    Thanks Jonathan

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    The type of surgery and materials, if any were used, matter. You'll understand more if you get those details. There are scores of different combinations of material and method and each surgeon can choose within those combinations about things like fixation, placement, neurectomy, etc.

    Most people with chronic pain from mesh do not have torn mesh or hernia recurrence. Everything is correct, mechanically, as far as plugging the hole is concerned.


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      Thank you for the reply. I know it was open surgery and that a mesh was put in. Aside from that I know little I must admit.
      So by the sounds of it, even though the pain has come on suddenly hopefully it will be nothing serious and should pass soon?


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        There is no way to know. At 9 months the mesh should be firmly locked in to place and surrounded by collagen. "Incorporated". A sudden sharp pain could be that something got strained or that the mesh rubbed something raw. So, like any injury, rest and hope are probably recommended. Might also be that an absorbable suture finally let go, apparently they can take longer than predicted to be absorbed, sometimes.

        Wait, rest, hope. You could also contact your surgeon. They might have seen this before.


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          Thanks again for your reply Good Intentions. Hopefully it is just a strain but if it does not improve in a week or so I will go to see my Doctor. Thanks again, Jon.


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