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Female hernia issues: Can hernia's be hidden?


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  • Female hernia issues: Can hernia's be hidden?

    I'm a 55-years young female located in Arizona. Recently, I met with a hernia specialist who ordered a CT Scan which showed I had a hernia on my right side. I stated to the doctor that I still believe that there is something wrong with my left side, but he indicates that the CT Scan didn't show a hernia or anything else on the left side. I beg to differ; therefore, I sought a second opinion and was told that it was probably my ribs and that I should see a spine doctor. I am scheduled to meet with a spine specialist tomorrow. I have also met with an orthopedic specialist and they gave me a steroid shot in the shoulder since I was having problems with movement. I've been searching for answers to my terrible pain for nearly 8 years and I have gotten no results. I don't even know what name to give to a doctor to assist me with determining what my problem is. My question is could there be hidden hernia's and what suggestions can I give my doctor to dig deeper to possibly make that determination or rule it out and tell me what is causing the pain on my left side? The pain radiates from around the left side then moving around to the front of the abdomen. Also, any suggestions for an excellent hernia doctor in Arizona.

    Thank you for your time.
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    Please search this sight for hidden hernias. There is a ton of information for you here.


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