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  • 3 months post op

    Hello, I had my hernia repair and abdominal muscle repair in September. I am still in a lot of pain and I my skin is numb a good 8in in diameter. I feel as if my hernia is back because I hurt so bad in the same area (umbilical). I hurt so bad to the touch In certain spots where I get so nauseous. Am I suppose to still hurt like this or is something wrong. My surgeon is no longer a surgeon, he quit or retired. My primary Dr knows about this but is taking their sweet time about finding me another surgeon. Any info is helpful.

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    Your pain does not sound typical for being three months after surgery. Definitely worth getting a second opinion. If you would like help finding a hernia specialist, you can post the area that you live in. Sounds like you need help from someone other than your primary care. I believe if they were experiencing the pain that the patient is, the doctors office might not take their sweet time in responding. I remember seeing a quote referring to physicians dealing with patients who have chronic pain from hernia repair : “Don’t delay. Try walking even one day with a pebble in your shoe” or even more appropriately, a painful piece of mesh in your groin or abdomen!! Best wishes.


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      I called my primary today and told them to send a referral to a place I suggested. They said they will get right on it. I'm literly sitting here in tears bc it hurts to do anything and debating weather or not I should go to the ER where the surgeons are. I totally agree, if they were in pain like this they would not hesitate and get in right away. Thank you for the reply!


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        What type of hernia(s)?
        How was it repaired? Lap, open, robotic?
        Was mesh used?

        3 months with these symptoms is not typical.
        You need evaluation by a surgeon that does hernia repairs.
        Does the surgeon that did you operation have any partners that could evaluate you?


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