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Do we have a trustworthy hernia specialist in Florida YET?


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  • Do we have a trustworthy hernia specialist in Florida YET?

    hi all
    ive posted 2 weeks ago and have had ultra sound. Called office for results and was suppose to call me back and never did! I will pull the results up tomorrow. In the meantime I think I need someone to check regardless of results as they were missed in numerous test until I sent to Dr. Towfigh. I thought maybe a kidney stone(wishful thinking) but now am more convinced some type of hernia. Pain to the right side of unbilical as well as bloat and at times a knot feeling below belly button after food digest to there,I must take milk of magnesium daily to make sure gets through. Pelvic cramping and pain even on the labia groin and at times thigh pain. Nausea comes and goes. I did lift rocks and moved a heavy pot and felt a pull a month or two ago. When pelvic pain is bad usually before bowel, after bowel, after urinating bending I feel a ripping on previous surgeries which I think is inflammation but also a ripping along my c-section scar. Something is not right as this has been daily and not improving so I do not want to be put through unnecessary test and sent dr to dr. I feel this may have started my previous hernias as very similar. Iím wondering if I had a small abdominal or obturator hernia. Hoping we now have someone here in Florida to check. If you think I should start somewhere else please let me know. If something is on ultra sound results tomorrow I will repost.

    please I do not want to go through 2 1/2 years of its in my head. Hoping there is a dr here to at least get an idea of whatís going on

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    Look up Dr. Micheal G Franz. He learned from Dr. Bruce Ramshaw.


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      Ok thank you! I saw dr ramshaw before he left for tenn. good to know


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        Check out Dr Yunis if he is still practicing in Sarasota. I would trust with Goodyear and Ramshaw.


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          Dr Jonathan Yunis in Sarasota FL is apparently able to perform all hernia repair types (open, laparoscopic, mesh, non-mesh)

          For no-mesh simple inguinal hernias, Dr Robert Tomas does Desarda repair in FL as well.

          If you're uncertain of a diagnosis, a scan with valsalva is often helpful. Ultasound, CT, MRI all can be done with valsalva and can help to diagnose hernias, though MRI is sometimes more challenging for the clinic if they have not done it before.


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