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Thinking about "proper" evaluation: Chicago specialists?


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  • Thinking about "proper" evaluation: Chicago specialists?

    I'm finally coming around to getting a real evaluation, by a specialist surgeon, to determine whether or not to consider surgical repair. I live in Chicago, and want to stay local. Specifically, I am looking for surgeons who:

    Specialize in open, tissue repair techniques
    Do them under local anesthesia
    Are willing to confirm specific diagnosis (hernia or not; direct or indirect) with imaging
    Will not fight me on the fact that I will not consent to residents participating in the surgery (if a teaching institution)

    Would appreciate any thoughts/recs. Thanks in advance.

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    My problems started in 2010, surgery 2011 if you call it that. It took me 2 years to find a surgeon that I felt I could trust to fix the first surgeons damage.

    I live about 2 hours from Chicago and it has been awhile so my information might be out of date. I could find no surgeon that was truly a specialist in the Midwest for hernia surgeries except for Ramshaw who was I think in St Louis at the time but moving to FL. I have heard that (I think it is Goldbeilt? not sure on the spelling) in Milwaukee is very good but it is a teaching hospital.

    My original surgery was at a large teaching hospital and the surgeon stated he would do the entire surgery but in follow up visits he could not answer any questions about the surgery and I found out later that it was common for ghost surgeries to be performed at this facility. Again I recommend the book Unaccountable to read before having any surgery.


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      UhOh! any luck finding anyone in Chicago?


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        Not in Chicago, but this may be helpful:

        - Dr David Grischkan in Cleveland, Ohio

        - Dr Paul Szotek in Indianapolis, IN

        - Dr Bruce Ramshaw in Knoxville, TN

        - Shouldice clinic in Toronto Canada is somewhat nearby


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