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Life ruined after Inguinal neurectomy


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  • Life ruined after Inguinal neurectomy

    i read stories about it in your site as a similar thing happened to me in France .
    I had genital femoral pain after a groin surgery (shouldice), it started one month after the surgery during a masturbation , i felt like an electric knife ripped apart my right area of my groin . Because of this pain the surgeon did an other surgery 6 months later and it was the worst mistake of my life . After the second surgery i felt quickly tingling and burning in both of my legs and my foot and the previous pain was even worse , even in my back there is this burning feeling and all my body is warm as hell . Its like im burning from inside . I dont know what happened , the surgeon told me he only cut a sensitive illio inguinal nerve , but what i dont understand is why it causes both of my legs to burn and not only the right leg since the second surgery was only on the right side . I heard about neuro stimulation but i feel desperate as this point since i feel every other surgery will cause more damage . i read the story of someone who had a similar case in this site , they talk about central sensitization , when i walk or put my feets on the ground there is this weird electrical feeling .

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    I am sad to hear of your pain! I am having nerve pain in my right thigh, after mesh removal, and I canít imagine it being in both legs and other areas. It feels like my leg is on fire, like yours, and it is a pain that you canít ignore. There are some conservative treatments that hopefully you can try before another surgery. You need to find a pain management doctor that specializes in nerve treatments. They can try injections and at least identify the source of pain. Also, they can be therapeutic for some. I am also going to PT to help reduce scar tissue and swelling, which may be contributing to the nerve problem. If you do go the nerve stimulator route, I know there is a trial period before you would undergo surgery for implantation. Please keep searching for conservative treatments! There may be help for your suffering. I know itís hard to live with this type of pain and I hope and pray every day that this is not permanent! I am still searching for resolution and have doctors willing to help. You need to try to find the same. Best wishes and let us know what you find out.


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