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Something with hernia mesh or sports hernia?! PLEASE HELP!!!!


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  • Something with hernia mesh or sports hernia?! PLEASE HELP!!!!


    I'm having a hard time figuring out what is wrong with me. I had an inguinal hernia repaired with mesh laparoscopically a couple years ago. I was fine those 2 years until I did an exercise in the gym. When doing that exercise (barbell hip thrust.. where the bar was right on that area), I felt an achy/dull pain. Not sharp. Ever since then, it was bothering me.. and I stopped working out. I went to see my surgeon who did it & he said no recurring hernia. I also had a CT scan that said no recurring hernia. My surgeon and a physiatrist said they think it's a sports hernia and is sending me to physical therapy for 3 weeks and to not workout at all. I also saw another sports medicine doc and he put me through some movements (jumping, pushing my legs, resisted sit ups, etc.) and none of them really caused pain. He said he doesn't think I have a sport hernia and that I may have torn a small piece of my mesh. He said to continue working out lightly. I injured myself at the end of jan, so it's still bothering since then. My pain is not sharp or anything. More so dull and achy and throbby and annoying. I can feel it walking and laying down.. sitting.

    So yeah.. I'm getting opposite diagnoses and don't know exactly what to do. I guess I'll go through the physical therapy and see but idk. Shouldn't I have pain when doing certain movements and like coughing, sneezing if I have a sports hernia? and is it possible to get a sports hernia in the same place as a previous inguinal hernia repair?

    thank you!! hope some of you have insight! esp you Dr. Towfigh!!

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    "Sports hernias" aren't really hernias. The proper name of the condition is athletic pubalgia. It's typically from overuse, not one-time actions. I posted a link in the post after this one, just in case the site locks me out. It doesn't like links.

    The mesh used for hernia repair is not actually made of flexible material. The polypropylene or polyester fibers are not very elastic. They are woven in to a cloth that is flexible on a large scale, by letting loops and knots bend and the fibers slide past each other. After it's placed in the body and tissue ingrowth occurs, the knots get locked up and the mesh becomes stiff and non-extensible, less flexible than the abdominal wall was before it was implanted. It doesn't stretch anymore. It actually shrinks. So you might have overstressed the repair site, stretching your abdominal tissue to a level higher than it's seen, and either pulled an area of mesh free from the surrounding tissue, or torn/stressed some tissue at the edges of the mesh.

    Hopefully your body will re-adapt to whatever has happened. But the concept of the mesh repair is that it becomes a permanent part of the abdomen, so trying to help your body adapt to the new damage is about the best you can do. Good luck. Don't try to treat it like a muscle injury, which will typically respond well to daily activity. I've found that waiting a few days for things to settle down completely then ramping back up works better.


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      Here is that link.


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        Where are you located?

        Unfortunately there are not many sports hernia experts in the USA (or the world!) but here are two that are fairly well known and often mentioned on these forums and elsewhere:

        - Dr William Meyers in Philadelphia PA

        - Dr William Brown in Fremont California


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