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SAGES 2018 - Chronic groin pain, the silent killer. by Brian Jacobs


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  • SAGES 2018 - Chronic groin pain, the silent killer. by Brian Jacobs

    Some of the SAGES 2018 videos are being uploaded. This one is very interesting, and in the extreme in many ways. It touches on many common themes though. Worth watching. It's 23 minutes long.

    One thing that was interesting to me, after watching the whole video, is their focus on specific causes for pain. Nerves, tacks, etc. Not general causes, like mesh-caused edema. One problem with smart people is that they hate not knowing. That's why real measured numbers are important. There was some speculation at the end. In my opinion, as a non-medical-doctor.

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    There were several interesting points:

    1) The comment about surgeons taking plug and patch and PHS implants out of patients weekly.
    2) Most of the cases of disabling pain mentioned in the presentation seem to present immediately or soon after surgery.
    3) The recommendation not to send patients to pain management for pain the surgery clearly caused.
    4) Dr. Jacobs’ aversion to algorithms.

    I also got a sense that mesh can easily be mistaken for other pain causes.

    The most striking phrase from the presentation: “...and I know there’’s not one surgeon in this room who thinks that’’s their outcome”...” when introducing the 6% chronic pain statistic.


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