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Would obstetricians make ideal hernia repair surgeons?


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  • Would obstetricians make ideal hernia repair surgeons?

    This thought occurred to me the other day when contemplating the lack of surgeons competently trained in mesh-free, tissue repair procedures. Obstetricians, it would seem, have extensive training in prosthetic-free abdominal wall reconstructions (that also involve putting internal organs back in their proper place).

    I realize that there are substantial differences between male and female anatomy and repairing a surgical incision you just made vs. a tear that's been widening over months or years (both important for hernia repair). But the question remains: Does the OB's current training better prepare them for such repairs than the general surgeon's?

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    This is an interesting question, given that a c-section is a significant abdominal incision.

    The anatomy is indeed very different though, not just because male/female, but because of the area being sutured and repaired. I think with a hernia repair you are stitching tissue together that is not normally together thereby rebuilding the inguinal region, whereas with something like a c-section you are suturing tissue back together that was always together to begin with. I don't know if it's that simple, and I could be entirely wrong.

    Anyway, an interesting question regardless, it would be great to hear from a surgeon as to their thoughts on this matter.


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