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Correct Imaging?


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  • Correct Imaging?

    Removed as per instructed to.
    Last edited by Lucky46; 01-26-2019, 12:56 AM.
    WE ARE 138

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    It would probably help you to re-summarize your problem. You have 34 posts to look back through, plus things might have changed since you originally posted, like your bladder problems. I can't remember if you have a confirmed recurrence or if you think that you might have a recurrence.

    Good luck.


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      I had a similar experience. The imaging didn't show anything. Blood tests showed nothing. Urologist said he had never heard of mesh-related problems. Too much dependence on the bureaucracy and not enough plain-old being a doctor.

      I know you're in the wrong part of the country but if you can find somebody who has successfully solved a mesh problem you'll be better off. It's just not taught in medical school or residency. Most don't know what to do about it.

      In my case, the mesh inflammation caused several secondary problems. The body's response to inflammation is more like a shot-gun than a rifle.


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        Which surgeon are you seeing?

        What is stopping the ones you've seen from removing the mesh?

        I am almost certain that Dr. Petersen or Dr. Brown will remove the mesh, since they are very aware of the problems that mesh creates, and definitely anti-mesh. Dr. Petersen works outside of the insurance companies and has a basic flat-rate that he charges. Have you called them? They will explain everything and help you get out there. He has been around a long time so there are some bad stories but overall, he seems to have a good reputation.


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          Thank you for all of your posts.

          It seems you don’t even have a diagnosis yet. In Arizona, there are few surgeons who handle complications after hernia repair. Also, Medicaid is very limiting as few specialists are available to you outside of major County-based training programs.

          Have you considered seeing someone at U of Arizona or Mayo Scottsdale?


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            Originally posted by Lucky46
            I am in a pretty bad predicament here and have been coming to peace with myself for the last two years.If I'm bad pain wise......I mean worse off than now,cause now I can't move certain ways,sleep 3-4 hrs,can't sit,stand long,walk too far....
            I hear you. I've been there. I know exactly what you're going through.

            You need to get the mesh out pronto.

            I took antidepressants to deal with the mental part until the mesh was out. There's light at the end of the tunnel.


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