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  • Ufirst Health Dr. Tomas in Ft. Myers Fl

    I came across Dr. Tomas Ufirst Health website in another post. He does the Desarda repair. Any experiences or opinions on the Desarda repair or Dr. Tomas? The more I read around here the more I want to avoid any mesh repair.

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    Originally posted by Lucky46

    I know 3 people who have had tissue repair by Dr. Tomas. All 3 are doing great no issues. And I know 2 people who have had mesh removal with no issues. Dr. Tomas doesn't automatically cut any nerves. No neurectomy unless absolutely necessary. He has videos on YouTube.

    He removed 90% of mesh on both. I have talked to Dr. Tomas multiple times on the phone. He will be who I have remove my mesh when the time comes. Also, he is very reasonable as far as costs go as well.
    That is interesting anecdotal data and good to hear that patients have had a good outcome. Did they have mesh removed due to pain or some other issue? What was their outcome, better, worse, same?

    Does anyone know what experience Dr Tomas has with chronic pain? And what his personal chronic pain outcomes are from his own Desarda procedures?

    I know his website shows a low recurrence rate so far, it will be interesting to see how/if that changes over time since Desarda is considered a relatively new procedure. Hopefully he will submit and publish his outcomes, whatever they are, using a large sample of his own patients.

    I would certainly agree in terms of costs being reasonable, $4000 or so for an 'all-in' procedure is much less than many deductibles and co-insurance nowadays, so kudos to him for being responsive to the never-ending insurance debacle. I wish more clinics would offer upfront and package pricing in a similar way.


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