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2018 International Hernia Congress - March 2018, Miami, FL


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  • 2018 International Hernia Congress - March 2018, Miami, FL

    Here is the program for a recent conference in Miami. There are some familiar names but also some new ones (to me), and the topics look promising. Tracking results long-term, patient-specific mesh, and MRI visible mesh are some topics. It's just a list of titles but it looks promising. The focus seems to be shifting in the right direction.

    Ferdinand Köckerling, MD of Germany seems to be driving the monitoring of post-surgery outcomes. I will post another topic with some of his very recent papers. His name is worth a separate search, much of his work is free on the internet.

    Dr. Ramshaw has a very narrowly defined topic about "recalled mesh".

    Dr. Robert Bendavid has a presentation on "Experience in mesh explanations" but I think that it's a misspelling. It should be "explantations". Mesh removal. I posted a paper recently by Dr. Bendavid about nerve growth in to mesh pores as a cause for mesh-related pain. So he is out there now and presenting his work. Very hopeful.

    There is also a paper about the International Hernia Registry, which actually seems to be an Ethicon-directed "research" program. Ethicon is already using the results in their sales literature to promote their products even though the study is not complete. I have some info about that which I will post separately. There's something"off" about the program and who it's really for.

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