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Subligamental hernia and working out


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  • Subligamental hernia and working out

    Hello All,

    One year ago I was diagnosied with "subligamental hernia"/"central midline disc protrusion on level L5/S1" with a "interverterbal disc bulging on level Th10/11" .

    Probably I got myself into this condition by doing let's say certain intensive exercises on gym like deadlift, squats with weight bar etc, without a good technique.

    It may sound unwisely, but - if it is possible to get back to bodybuilding but in a lighter way, without damaging my back anymore ? I mean through that focusing on muscles like biceps, triceps, chest and avoiding exercises that I mentioned above. Obviously under control of a specialist. Or is this kind of issue so severe, that one definately should not risk worsening that?

    Does any of you was going through a simmilar situation?

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    Your diagnosis is for a herniated disc, in your backbone, not the type of hernia this site is focused on. This site's focus is about abdominal and inguinal hernias.

    You might try one of the bodybuilding sites, they have a lot of heavy lifters, with assorted problems. Good luck.

    Still, somebody might have a suggestion so check back occasionally.


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      Yes bodybuild your core. Side planks, bird dogs etc. When you can do 3-4 sets of 10 a day correctly you probably can ease back into other weightlifting. Agree with the other poster lots of folks with herniated discs on bodybuilding forums.


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