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Mesh Removal Surgeons in Canada?


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  • Mesh Removal Surgeons in Canada?

    I am wondering if anyone knows of any surgeons doing mesh removal in Canada.

    I had an inguinal hernia repaired with mesh and plug back in 2010. As of 3 years ago I have been in terrible pain. During that time I have tried many things to rid myself of this pain including ilioinguinal neurectomy.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Do you need to stay in Canada for health care cost reasons? There are surgeons in the states that are close to Canada if you can travel. Which part of Canada are you in?


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      Can you travel to the states or do you need to use the health care system in Canada? What region of Canada are you in?


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        I'm in Ottawa, Canada.Not sure what the deal is with getting it covered in the US but that is an option. At this point I am looking for the best doctor and would consider paying out of pocket if that is the only option.

        The real question is who are the best doctors to do inguinal hernia mesh/plug removal?




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          Best surgeons for mesh removal: dr. Igor Belyanski MA (removed my mesh), dr. Bruce Ramshaw TN, dr. Sherwin Towfigh CA, there are more. Itís best to interview and correspond at least three surgeons and then go with your gut feeling.
          i know this hard to do eseliciag when you are in pain and have to travel. I traveled out of state to see Igor for a consultation and the traveler a second time for surgery.


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            Originally posted by jmehan View Post
            The real question is who are the best doctors to do inguinal hernia mesh/plug removal?
            It's difficult to say who is "best". Dr. Towfigh just removed a plug/mesh system and posted a tweet about it. Dr. Brian Jacobs is in your general area, NY City, and has a good reputation. Dr. Peter Billing removed my mesh and has been removing mesh for about nine years, he is in Shoreline WA, by Seattle. Dr. Petersen in Las Vegas specializes in mesh removal and hernia repair and has developed a fly-in/fly-out type of program, focused on making the whole process easy for the patient. Dr. Muschaweck in Germany removes mesh and works on professional athletes often. Apparently she also has a program developed to get the patients in with a place to stay before and after the operation. Dr. William Brown in California also works on athletes and removes mesh.

            These are just some details to add to a few of the names you will find in other topics. You'll find that some surgeons do triple neurectomies as a matter of course when removing mesh. Others seems to consider the specific pain or discomfort symptoms more specifically and act accordingly.

            You'll have to research each surgeon carefully I think, to decide what's best for you. Expertise, ideas about mesh removal, travel, cost, etc. all have to be considered.

            Here is Dr. Towfigh's recent tweet showing what will be removed, with contact informaton. And Dr. Jacob's info, since he is fairly close to you.



            Here also is a recent paper about chronic pain that attempts to summarize current methods in to a type of flow chart for action.



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              Thank You!


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                Have you contacted The Shouldice Hernia clinic in Toronto? I think they may also perform removals.


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                  I talked to them in 2011 when I first tried to have it removed. They didnít do mesh removals at that time.

                  Iíve got 2 names so far in Canada:

                  Dr. Morrison Chatham Ontario Head of the Hernia Asso. of Canada



                  Dr. James Mahoney Toronto Ontario Chief of Plastic surgery at St. Michaelís Hospital


                  My family doctor informed me that having the government pay for it to be done outside of Canada would require the surgeons here to say it would take like 3 years to get me in.

                  Iíve thought about paying out of pocket if it is not way too expensive.


                  Inguinal hernia
                  Bard Perfix plug


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                    I contacted Shouldice in 2011 after having my mesh repair done. I was hoping they would remove it then and redo. At that time, they did not do mesh removal. I assume that is still the case.

                    Currently I am trying to get a referral to one of the following surgeons:

                    Dr. John Morrison - Chatham, ON
                    Dr. James Mahoney - Toronto Ontario

                    Found out the other day that I have the Bard Perfix Plug in me. Good times!


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                      I chatted with them over their web chat yesterday and this is what I was told:


                      John: Do you do mesh removal?

                      CindyG: I am sorry to say that we do not specialize in mesh removal surgery at Shouldice Hospital. Thank you.

                      John: Do you by chance know if any surgeons in Ontario that do this type of surgery?

                      AndreaP: You may contact Dr. John Morrison in Chatham Ontario at 519-352-0501, his is the only doctor in Ontario that we know of that specializes in mesh issues.

                      John: Thanks!

                      AndreaP: My pleasure.


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                        The shouldice clinic only removes mesh if there is a reoccurence of the hernia. They will not remove it if there is no hernia present.


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                          Happy to see any patients who travel to me for surgery. Also, I offer Online consultation to those who need guidance for diagnosis and treatment plans as the first step.

                          I see many many patients from Canada. In my experience, their medical doctors were very reluctant to approve their care in the US. Iím not sure if there is a disincentive to them to refer outside the Canadian system.

                          In addition to the Canadian surgeon names above, consider Dr Hari Kumar Ondiveeran. You can search HerniaTalk to see his contact information.


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                            Have you or anyone you know had any experience with Dr. Ondiveeran? He appears to practice out of Saint John, New Brunswick which might work out.




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                              Searching didnít reveal his contact info.


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