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7 months post op, feeling worse


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  • 7 months post op, feeling worse

    So I'm now 7 months post indirect inguinal mesh via laparoscopy, and the nagging occasional pain has recently gotten worse. It's almost constant when on my feet and is much more annoying. Is this a sign of something serious?

    Unfortunately I can't afford to see a doctor due to lack of funds/bad insurance. Not sure what to do.

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    Hello Milo. It looks like you had your surgery done back in April by Dr. Martin? Can you give some details on the method and materials used? You should still be well within the time frame for the surgeon who did the repair to respond to you with no charge. Have you tried contacting him?

    With the details of your repair people who have had a like repair can respond with their experiences.

    Here is a link to your first topic -


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      Thanks for the reply, I'm pretty concerned over this. My repair has been seemingly getting worse since going back to work a month ago. I've been active working as a truck driver and exercising, but now I'm really struggling with a different job where I'm on my feet all day. I'm not sure if I'm just adjusting at this point. I'm working on getting insurance and getting back to a doctor for a check-up. My doctor suggested that I come in to check on it.

      Anyway, I had lap inguinal with mesh. Currently 7 months out.


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        You should definitely follow-up with the surgeon.

        Where is the pain? Is the pain in the same location always, or does it move or change? Can you pinpoint it?

        What does the pain feel like? Can you describe it? Dull? Aching? Stabbing? Sharp? Throbbing? Tingling? Hot? Searing?

        When did the pain start? Is it constant, or does it come and go?

        Does it respond to NSAID (ibuprofen, naproxen, etc)?

        Does anything make it feel better? Either an activity or otherwise?

        Ultimately you'll want to be able to describe the pain/discomfort as much as possible, as well as any alleviating or aggravating behaviors. It can help your doctor and potentially others as well.

        Common things to try initially may be things like:

        - extended course of prescription strength NSAID (30-60 days), assuming you can tolerate it. This can dramatically reduce inflammation if that's the issue.

        - if the pain is bad/annoying enough, then nerve block / steroid injection, sometimes repeated several times over the course of time particularly if the first one was even somewhat effective

        Anyway good luck and keep us updated on your case.


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          There are a limited number of reasons why you would have pain after laparoscopic surgery. It’s often easier to figure out than the open procedure, as there are less nerves there and the mesh is often not sewn in.

          Please return to see your surgeon. A good examination and maybe imaging will help figure this out.

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