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My Recurrent Hernia - Full Story


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  • My Recurrent Hernia - Full Story

    I have a couple threads I regarding the discovery of my recurrent hernia, the other about pain expectations once fixed. Figured I'd combine it all in here for anyone to reference should it be helpful.

    About 12 years ago, I had an inguinal hernia repaired laparoscopically with mesh (original hernia was on left, right side repaired "proactively"). Recovery was quick and any residual pain was gone after 6 weeks or so. Thinking back, the surgical "holes" were the cause of most pain I experienced. Fast forward to a few months ago...after lifting a few things out of my truck (home improvement FTW), something felt off. The next morning in the shower I had a bulge in my groin, right side above the "business" end of things. Didn't hurt but freaked me out and a quick trip to the ER diagnosed a hernia.

    I ended up consulting three local surgeons. The first would do an open repair with the logic if method 1 fails, use method 2. Makes sense. Another surgeon in this practice was a da Vinci advocate. He would go in to see what was going on and fall back to open if needed. Third surgeon was also a da Vinci advocate and was confident it would be fixed. There was nothing wrong with any of them, I am just tired of being the guy that always falls under the "small percentage failure rate" with things.

    At this point I started looking into surgeons that specialized in hernia was this time I came to understand the differences between deductibles, out-of-pocket max, and in/out-of-network with insurance.

    My hernia was repaired three weeks ago during an open procedure, the recurrence was caused by fat that found its way around the original mesh. Per the operative report, the preperitoneal space could not be easily dissected due to the previous repair. Due to this, a small PerFix plug was used. This is an ugly thing to google, you'll quickly find more lawyers than doctors offerz opinions. I asked the surgeon about it and they talked me through the procedure...I trust their decision and hope I'm done with hernias.

    Recovery...I stayed in a hotel for a couple days after surgery. Was given Percocet for pain, knocked out the pain but made me feel horrible otherwise. Managed to get by with Tylenol and ice. We drove home on the third day and I ended up sleeping like a baby once I got into my own bed. On day 4 I felt great, so great I walked around too much and ended up relaxing the next couple days. By the end of the first week I was back at my desk (work from home). A good amount of numbness on the bottom side of the incision, right side of scrotum, and upper part of my leg (inside by groin).

    The second week was uncomfortable but not extremely painful. Seems like things started to wake up, sensation coming back where it was numb. Right testicle is a bit swollen. Still using Tylenol and ice, not lifting anything heavy.

    The third week (this week) was much like the second. The uncomfortable feelings are mostly limited to the incision and my right testicle (occasionally if it moves shifting around). Right testicle is still a bit swollen, surgeon says it's not unusual and should subside over the coming weeks.

    I'll update this as things move along. Biggest lesson learned is to avoid googling medical things.

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    Google... double edge sword.... as I go through this journey I am haunted by the movie the Matrix.... blue pill or red pill.... thatís what google and the like is to me.... probably wouldnít understand unless you got into the the movie... please do update us.... like in the wizard of oz... Iím the lion looking for courage.... this post makes me sound like a real movie buff... Iím not... not sure why I keep making references to them... wish you all the best


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      VegasHernia thanks for sharing. Please update us. Also, share your surgeonís name.


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