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Who is Dr. Kang?


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  • Who is Dr. Kang?

    Dear dr. drkang
    Please see below response from prominent USA hernia expert dr. Brown
    Can you please let dr. Brown know about ?

    I have not heard about the Dr Kang method before.
    I search the internet and I could not find a description of his procedure.
    So I do not have enough information to give an opinion.
    If you have anymore information, pass it on to me.
    Best wishes.
    Bill Brown MD

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    Hi, dog!

    You can find out more about me and Kang repair by visiting my hospital’s website (
    I don’t think it is appropriate for me to directly contact Dr. Brown. I would appreciate it if you could let Dr. Brown know my website, if he has questions about me.
    Thank you!


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      Dear drkang do you technical description possible with video or step by step manual with describe your method..for specialists ...Please feel welcome to contact dr Brown would be happy to communicate with you ..i will send you his contact info privately


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        Thank you, dog. I am preparing the photos of my procedure and will upload it onto my website when it is ready.


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          Dear Dr. drkang Dr.Kang,

          Dr.Brown found your practice outstanding and very excited to get more info from you about your method He already contacted you for more info via e/mail .I hope you received it ?:}

          Dr Kang,
          He does not
          disrupt any of the existing structures and tries to repair only what is
          damaged. He handles all the tissues with care to avoid injury
          He method for hernia repairs is very good.
          Bill Brown, M.D.
          510 793 2404 Office
          650 703 9694 Cell

          Do you think it is possible for you visit dr Brown to organize master class surgery performance in USA ? I am planning to do my surgery with him at the end of Jen. Would be be Awesome if you could come around that time.hat would be great if you had authorized and certified by you doctor in US to perform Dr. Kang method. There are some doctors in USA who perform no mesh repair ..But the only very few i would call them No mesh activists doctors..and Dr. Brown is the one of them.
          By joining forces together you will help so many people !


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            Dear Members ,

            I believe visiting dr Kang and do surgery in his hospital would be another great option . I believe drkang is one of the kind expert .The more i do research the more i am impressed ..would be Great alternative then to go to Canada ?


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              happy new year!
              Could you please let us know your statistic
              How many hernia surgeries for last year you performed .. What is % Mesh vs No mesh …What is your % of recurrence and long term pain rate in both cases? Also are you taking clients from USA ?


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                Hi dog,

                Happy New Year!
                Thank you or your interest in and question. I am very cautious about telling you about the outcome of our repairs but please understand that it is for your curiosity.

                I have administered inguinal hernia repair to 1,849 patients in 2018. All of them were purely non-mesh repairs. I have not administered any mesh inguinal hernia repair at all since 2013. I have started to administer non-mesh repair since 2012, and have been fine-tuning my repair method until the end of 2017, so that my method will cause lesser relapse and complication. And it was the end of 2017 when I finally created a surgery method I deemed complete. Since January 2018, I have been repairing hernia using the final, complete surgery method. Thus, I think that the results of non-mesh repairs administered before I reached the final, complete surgery method are not so meaningful.

                Although it is too short to meaningfully confirm the results of surgery, the results of surgeries I have conducted since January 2018 show: zero case of the same type inguinal hernia recurring; and 3 cases of what I call ‘pseudo-recurrence’. In all those 3 cases, direct inguinal hernia occurred after conducting indirect inguinal hernia repair, and I have administered reoperation. If these cases were to be included in the cases of recurrence, the recurrence rate will be 0.16%. As I said, the follow-up period is too short. However, it is not rare for an inguinal hernia to recur within 2 to 3 months of initial repair. Thus, I think the above results of 0% of true recurrence rate and 0.16% of pseudo recurrence rate are very encouraging.

                As far as I can remember, there were less than 3 patients who re-visited my clinic because of chronic pain. So, I do not care almost at all about chronic pain. There may be patients who went to other clinic. However, because my clinic is trusted by many patients in Korea in terms of non-mesh repair, and I have guaranteed that I will re-operate on the recurred cases for free, I understand that most of the patients who suffered from a problem after the surgery come back to my clinic. Korea is relatively small in size and has a well-developed domestic transportation network - one can reach my clinic from any in Korea within 4 to 5 hours by, for example, high-speed train. Patients do not feel such a burden of re-visiting my clinic.

                Of course foreigners, including Americans, can receive surgeries at my clinic. For your information, 12 Americans, 5 British people, 3 Australians and a Canadian received inguinal hernia repair at my clinic last year. Even at this moment, there are several American patients who are scheduled for the surgery. (Those numbers exclude Korean expatriates, such as Korean-Americans.)


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                  drkang Dearest Dr. Kang,

                  IIt is Amazing ! Thank You! I deeply appreciate your curiously because beginning celebrity in my field of expertise , i understand that success can create jealousy
                  I also promise to share info about you on my Pet Radio followers very worry about my upcoming surgery:}
                  Could you please let us know what do you attribute such a Amazing record .. and what is your secret component? Also please let us know what would be the process to get
                  it done by you in Korea .and cost in US dollars.

                  I would love that everyone read it..because it is standards for quality care. Unlike many other doctors who i even afraid to go and have no trust..just see their greed...

                  Dr Kang you show compassion combined with excellence ! It is my believe that just a few doctors{we call them NO mesh activist s} can get truly outstanding result with no mesh..

                  But those doctors must do just no mesh surgery only ! for instance Dr Brown stated that his recurrence rate is less the 3 % ..he also expert for no mesh surgery only.

                  Also a few outstanding doctors who do both mesh and no mesh like founder of this forum Shirin Towfigh M.D and few others we talk here all the time who also can get comparable excellent result. BUT Just a including that unbelievable NEW performer Superstar Dr. Repta from Arizona ..he is handsome young abdominal plastic surgeon his hand working like a laser beam ..look for his videos how he is performing that stupid mesh removal on overweight people or just simply fix any hernia...of course he doesn't do such volume of hernia surgeries like hernia doctors but recurrence according their records close to 0

                  But the rest,,Forget it :}

                  Below is the typical record for the rest....they possibly do great mesh surgery ...sorry just not for me.

                  Just to let you know about the recurrence rate without using a mesh for hernia repair, is 25%.

                  Thank you,

                  Luisa Inocente
                  Scheduling Department
                  Hernia Center of ......
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                    Thank you, dog!

                    You can get some information at


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                      drkang Great Info! I also look at tickets prices not bad Thank You! is it possible for me to contact any of your USA/Canadian patience to share their experience ? We could publish here ..

                      On another note ..i just curious if had chance to remove mesh from patience and what did you do after ..stitched them back without mesh immediately?


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                        Hi dog and Dr Kang,

                        I joined hernia talk yesterday. I had a Kang repair at Gipum Hospital 6 weeks ago, and thought writing up my experience of this might be helpful to some people in similar position I was in last year. I was wondering where on this site to post my description for anyone interested. By genuine coincidence dog, your last post looks to provide a good entry point, for what I had prepared. I hope I'm not seen as butting into a 2 way conversation.

                        My experience in going to Korea for a Kang repair.
                        7th January, 2019
                        My name is Lindsay, Australian, age in early 60's. My contribution is for anyone with an inguinal hernia that is considering travelling for a mesh-free repair. I relate how I reviewed my options when in this position, ended choosing a Kang repair, and my experiences in following this through in Korea. My experience was very positive.
                        I had an indirect inguinal hernia for >10 years, which deteriorated quickly and needed to be fixed. My quickest option was a local mesh repair, which in my case was to be larger than average in scope, entailing an open operation and general anesthetic.
                        I did some internet searches and noticed concerns with hernia mesh repairs. These included unpredictable adverse responses to mesh in some patients, and that significant pain was not uncommon after the repair. I also found reports that large hernias carry a higher than average possibility of recurrence, and higher probability of problems with mesh pain. From this, I sought only mesh-free repairs, but found only one clinic advertising this option in Australia.
                        Non-mesh inguinal hernia repair options
                        I found "HerniaTalk" to be a good place to learn about non-mesh inguinal hernia repairs, and where they might be available. I encountered recent information mostly on Shouldice, Desarda and Kang repairs. I found a recent presentation by Dr. Kang that provided a very useful overview to inguinal hernia repair approaches - . Hence, the Kang repair for indirect inguinal hernia appeared to me to be most suited to my situation. This repair is available at Gipum Hospital in Seoul.
                        The strengths I saw in a Kang Repair
                        ___The repair is mesh-free, eliminating any mesh pain.
                        ___The repair is tailored to the underlying basis of the hernia, and hence is minimally invasive in scope, with consequent benefits:- -smallest incision, -suited to local anesthetic and so safer for older patients, -least pain, -short in duration, -faster post repair recovery.
                        ___For indirect inguinal hernia, due to the tissues used in the repair and the repair site, I gathered that the Kang repair is least affected by size of the hernia, additionally beneficial to my situation.
                        ___Additionally, Dr. Kang is highly experienced and has refined his technique over >6000 operations (2013 to 2017).
                        Further support for a Kang repair, that appealed to me
                        ___Dr Kang's credentials, professional affiliations and achievements, which appear at the start of his video reviewing inguinal hernia repairs - above
                        ___Dr. Kang is Director of Gipum Hospital, which is a specialist hospital for hernia repair.
                        ___Dr. Kang observed a low recurrence rate while refining his repair technique.
                        ___Positive contributions on "HerniaTalk", by overseas patients who had a Kang repair.
                        ___Direct phone conversation with a former patient who had a Kang repair in 2017.
                        The above led me to feel confident that going to Korea for a Kang repair would be a safe decision for me. An additional advantage for Australians going to Korea, is Seoul is only 1 to 2 hours different from Australian time, so no jetlag.
                        Experience at Gipum Hospital
                        ___After contacting Stephen Kwon at Gipum Hospital, I could book a repair 4 weeks in advance (for November 19). A family member went with me for support.
                        ___Despite Seoul being a very big city, an inexpensive express bus took us from the airport to the hospital vicinity (a frequent service). There are 2 comfortable hotels on the bus route, each within 10 minutes walk from Gipum hospital.
                        ___Everything medical occurred from scratch on the day of the booking, from early admission to the afternoon repair. The hospital is well equipped, and busy, with a streamlined case-evaluation process; ultra-sound, medical tests and checks, then review by Dr Kang.
                        ___As a non-Korean speaking overseas patient, I was guided through the medical process by Stephen Kwon. Stephen also interpreted where necessary. The people I most needed to interact with spoke English, while most other staff knew enough English words to let me know what was happening. The hospital staff were very friendly.
                        ___Initially unsure, I needn't have had any concerns with a local anesthetic for the repair. Patients are offered a sedative with the local, which left me pleasantly relaxed through the procedure. There were 6 or 7 repairs on the day of my visit. Older patients have an overnight stay for observation, with very comfortable private rooms available if required.
                        ___I experienced very little pain. Extended pain control is offered for the second day, and then tablets for a couple more days. Some people prefer to limit the extended pain control, to better guard against inadvertent injury to the repair over the first few days.
                        ___My repair went very well, incision was small 3.5cm, no bleeding or bruising, no infection, post-operative swelling wasn't concerning, quickish recovery (full recovery strength is many months).
                        After repair care
                        ___It is suggested overseas patients arrive in Seoul a full day before the hospital, and take 4-6 days recovering before final review and flight home. I found this good advice.
                        ___First 2 days post repair I took short walks inside the hotel, next 2 days longer walks outside. Patients advised they can tour around Seoul on days 5 and 6.
                        ___We flew out of Korea on day 7, after the all-clear from Dr. Kang. I was back at work on day 10. For first few weeks precaution with coughing/sneezing, with lifting, and pushing stiff doors.
                        ___Now its 6 weeks after the repair, tenderness around the incision has mostly gone. Everything is going well, no indication of any problem.
                        I am very glad I went to Gipum Hospital for my repair, and experienced a good outcome that can come from a minimally invasive method and a very experienced surgeon. I very much enjoyed meeting Dr. Kang, and felt well cared for in his hospital. I had an enjoyable experience in Korea.
                        All the best to those considering their repair options. Lindsay....


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                          linzee.1018 thanks for adding your experience with a non-mesh hernia repair procedure from Dr Kang, this is undoubtedly helpful information to other patients.


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                            linzee.1018 Thank you so much!!!! Some of your links to you tube don't work.. Could you please fix them:}


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                              Hi dog.
                              Apologies for slow reply, and initial confusion. There is only 1 link to a youtube video. What may look like a second link is just my clumsy way of referring back the first and only link. I thought the video was pretty good also. :-)
                              Cheers, L..


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