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surgeons who practice preventive neurectomy


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  • surgeons who practice preventive neurectomy

    incredibly, there are surgeons who practice preventive neurectomy
    I came across an accredited site where a surgeon questioned colleagues about the opportunity to practice preventive neurectomy in elective surgery to avoid possible chronic pain. Fortunately, almost all the colleagues from all parts of the world have especially supported the need to preserve nerves. Even when a nerve was wrongly damaged during the elective procedure, it could be caustic. This perplexed me, but it was known that there were inability and negligence. I would like to ask you here if I can tell you that the major international structures (ERnia america surgery, european surgery) have finally expressed themselves on the matter. As far as I am concerned, I would like to propose an argument. To circumvent the problem, as far as I know, only the one step technique (back access) exists. In the anterior surgery and in laparoscopy techniques the nerves meet. The problem that the technique with back access is practiced by a minority of structures, also provides the insertion of the mesh, so all those who want to avoid the mesh will have to deal with this dilemma: possible cutting of the cremaster and possible neurectomies. Obviously in the fatality of incurring a few surgeon without scruples
    P.S. I apologize for my English translation

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